Catch Basins

Catch basins are specifically designed to manage water flow, and so catch basins are especially vulnerable to the freeze-thaw cycles of winter.  Failing catch basins are especially important to repair because damaged catch basins will accelerate the deterioration of the surrounding asphalt and also expose you to tremendous liability.

Not all catch basins are created equal!  Many catch basins are made of red brink or field-stone: these materials may be easy to work with, but they quickly disintegrate over time.

That’s why we rebuild our catch basins out of solid cement block.  When we repair a catch basin, we check all four walls for damage, and if needed, rebuild them.  If the top is in good shape, we can re-use it, and if not we can supply and install a new one.  If the catch basin is completely destroyed, we can also rip it out and install an much stronger solid concrete slab.

We could talk all day about Catch Basins!  Contact us today to set up an appointment!